Congratulations to Harumafuji for winning his first Emperor’s Cup

May 25, 2009 by: Clement Nyirenda

The lightweight but highly skilled Mongolian rikishi, Harumafuji defeated yokozuna Hakuho in an all-Mongolian playoff on Sunday to win his first Emperor’s Cup on the final day of 2009 January tournament.As I mentioned in this post, this guy gives the Yokozunas a good run for their money. Congratulations, Harumafuji!

Harumafuji, who was promoted to sumo’s second highest rank of ozeki last year, defeated Kotooshu of Bulgaria in his final bout of regulation to improve to 14-1. He then faced Hakuho in an extra deciding bout after the yokozuna defeated rival yokozuna Asashoryu, also from Mongolia, to finish with the same record.


Harumafuji in action at the Osaka tournament: Source Getty Images

Watch the video below for more about Harumafuji’s two wins today and his excitement after getting the trophy.

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