African Festa 2009 in Yokohama

May 17, 2009 by: Clement Nyirenda

The African Festa 2009 event took place on May 16-17 2009 at the Red Brick Warehouse (Akarenga), Yokohama city in the backdrop of the 150th Anniversary Celebration of the opening of the Port Yokohama. The Africa Yokohama Festival took place at the same venue last month.

As usual,  the event showcased the African culture from performances of African music and dance, African food and beverages, and African traditions and craftsmanship from various exhibitions of African embassies in Japan as well as from associations and NGOs dealing with African countries.

Because I was busy, I could not manage to attend this event.But Chomora Mikeka, who attended the event yesterday,  has sent me the following photos:

Africa Festa Yokohama music

Africa Festa Yokohama 2009

Africa Festa Yokohama people

Africa Festa Yokohama Malawi crew

Africa Festa Yokohama Malawi crew #2

Africa Festa Yokohama Saloon

Africa Festa Yokohama Saloon #2

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