Harumafuji has no respect for the highly fancied Yokozunas

I am not a big fan of Sumo but I like folowing it because I enjoy the way the Mongolians are dominating this ancient Japanese sport. The current grand champions, Asashoryu and Hakuho, are both from Ulaan Bator, Mongolia. Most of the rikishi (wrestlers) are giving these guys too much respect. But there is one skillful but not-so-big Mongolian rikishi who gives them trouble each time he faces them. His name is Harumafuji. While Hakuho and Asashoryu weigh 154kg and 153kg respectively, Harumafuji weighs only 128kg.

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March 25th, 2009 by Clement Nyirenda 

Japan wins World Baseball Classic!

Better late than never. Congratulations to Japan for defeating Korea in the World Baseball Classisc final in Los Angeles, California. It had to take extra innings for Japan to win 5-3. As a gaijin (foreigner) sojourning in your country, I celebrate with you. If you missed the action, you can follow the highlights below:

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March 25th, 2009 by Clement Nyirenda 

Some Japanese words that I learnt when I searching for an apato

Now that I am settled in my new home, I usually reflect on the process that I went through in order to get my apartment. Initially, I was so worried because I did not have enough money and also because I am a gaijin (foreigner). I was told that it is not easy for gaijins to get an apartment. It gets even worse for gaijins who are family men. However, after meeting Mizunuma-san at the Able office in Chuo-Rinkan, all my fears were dispelled because she was gaijin-friendly and helped me regardless of the fact that I am married and have two kids.

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March 19th, 2009 by Clement Nyirenda