When it goes beyond “doa ga shimarimasu”!

When I came to Japan, the first Japanese language vocabulary that I easily got accustomed to is none other the one that is used in announcements in train stations, subways and trains. On some trains e.g. Yamanote line, they provide the English interpretation of the announcements which makes it easy for a foreigner (gaikokujin[外国人]) like me to know what is happening but also to learn the Japanese language. One familiar announcement goes like this: ni bansen ni doa ga shimarisu [ 二番線にドアが閉まります] which literally means doors of the train on platform no. 2 will close.When you hear this announcement, if you want to get on board, you must do so immediately otherwise you will be left behind.

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October 27th, 2008 by Clement Nyirenda